H.R. 7826 Introduced in Congress: Will Prohibit Dog Racing Nationwide
A Companion Animal Care Article from All-Creatures.org

November 2020

Tell your Federal Representative to support the first federal bill in US history to end dog racing.

Greyhound Lena

Announcing the first federal bill in US history to end dog racing! Sponsored by Representative Tony Cárdenas of California and Steve Cohen of Tennessee, H.R. 7826, the Greyhound Protection Act of 2020 will make it a federal crime to engage in commercial dog racing.

Following the release of our successful investigation of live lure training by greyhound breeders in three American states, this legislation could not be more important for both hounds and rabbits.

Write to your United States Congressional Representative and ask them to co-sponsor this groundbreaking legislation: The Greyhound Protection Act of 2020, H.R. 7826. Let your lawmaker know racing is a terrible industry that is bad for the dogs, bad for the unwitting taxpayers who subsidize it, and completely violates the values of this country.

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