Dispelling Myths About Mutts: A Literature Review
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FROM Celine Icard-Stroll, Faunalytics.org
April 2020

A research review from The National Canine Research Council reveals how unreliable data has created misconceptions related to how dog breeds are perceived.

Photo by KaLisa Veer on Unsplash

“Golden retrievers are friendly.” “Pitbulls are aggressive.” “Beagles are noisy.” “Border collies are intelligent.”

These are just a few stereotypes based on dog breeds that one may encounter. Do any of them sound familiar? Some of these stereotypes are so widely recognized and regarded as accurate that they influence public policies on dogs.

However, despite these stereotypes being so ubiquitous, many of them are based on misinterpreted research results or flawed studies. The National Canine Research Council sought to address the root of some of these misconceptions on dog breeds by conducting a literature review of research studies that are methodologically sound and/or have a significant influence.

Their findings are interesting, enlightening, and amusing.In turn, dog animal advocates can use this information to help dispel inaccurate, negative stereotypes of certain breeds and push for policy change.

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Celine Icard-Stoll is a San Francisco-born Oregonian now living in Atlanta. Her most dedicated animal advocacy passions are in veganism, cruelty-free cosmetics, and companion animals. She also loves cooking, gaming, and her cats Nori and Tofu.

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