Making Sense of Climate Change Confusion
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FROM Shauny Jaine, JD, VLCE,
October 2020

We are crisis-fatigued from systemic racism, brazen political corruption, COVID-19, our broken economy, global warming, and resulting personal crises. This must change. Educate yourself, communicate with others, vote for candidates who will combat these crises.

You don’t believe that nonsense, do you?” I was mid-session with a physiotherapist and had just referenced global warming in response to his lamenting bizarre weather and stymied plans. I filtered Ha, ‘nonsense’ and answered, “Actually, I do.” He paused, his expression telegraphing Are you nuts? then recited, “There’s no evidence to support that,” and “People are so gullible.”

Years later I learned that his comments are telltale of a small group of Americans, the Dismissive, who deny climate change is occurring, human-caused or a threat. “[M]ost endorse conspiracy theories,” including “global warming is a hoax.” Today a dwindling 10 percent of Americans espouse such beliefs, indicating that to most of us, the hoax itself is a hoax. Nearly all climate scientists agree....

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