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Anne-Marie Preller sent a message to the members of Stop the Bear Farming Trade.

Subject: Asia's Big 5 Contest

Here’s your opportunity to bring worldwide recognition to our beloved moon bears – and it takes less than a minute.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Africa’s Big 5 – the lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino. Now Asian Geographic magazine is running “Asia’s Big 5 Contest” to recognize five animals that are unique to Asia. The Asia Geo team has already chosen the panda, the tiger and the orangutan. They are giving us the chance to choose Asia’s remaining two iconic animals!

The Asiatic black bear is often lowly regarded in Asia as an animal that is solely important for its bile. Of course, we know otherwise! The antics of the playful bears that have been rescued never fail to bring a smile to our faces. Despite the unimaginable horrors they have been through on the bile farms, these forgiving creatures are determined to put the past behind them and to be proud ambassadors for their species.

Please vote and encourage your friends to vote to make the moon bear one of Asia’s Big 5.

You can check out the contest at Please send your vote to [email protected]  by 1 August 2008. There are prizes for the voters, too!

If the moon bear makes Asia’s Big 5, it gives them more importance and our call to end bear farming will have more weight. Thank you for supporting this beautiful, intelligent species and bringing them a step closer to freedom.


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