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The Bear Kinship foundation was established by Brenden and Melissa, with the hope that people can someday have a better understanding of bears, not steeped in fear-mongering myths and misconceptions, but based on facts and fair portrayals.

Our mission is to help humanity learn to respect and co-exist with bears, and raise the bears' status from that of a feared, maligned and heavily exploited "game" animal to that of a revered and respected highly intelligent mammal like the wolves, dolphins or great apes.

The Bear Kinship foundation wishes for humans to gain not just a reverence and kinship for bears, but for all life on Earth, so that all remaining life on Earth can continue surviving and thriving in this Terran biosphere into the distant future.

We would like to thank Frank L. and Mary T. Hoffman for so generously offering their help and assistance in creating and hosting our website.


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