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Modern Scientists have peered billions of light-years into the inconceivable vastness of outer space to see quasars, super-distant galaxies from near the universe's violent birth, so ancient that by the time their light is reaching us, they most likely do not even exist anymore. They have also peered into the picoscopic world of sub-subatomic quarks, and believe even they may be composed of yet smaller particles. It is remarkable how much knowledge humans have gained of our universe and cosmos. …and so why do we know so little seemingly obvious information about the natural world right around us all the time?

Even in our "modern" age of somewhat developed scientific understanding of our universe and of the world around us, most humans still do not know much about the true nature and character of the natural world of Earth's biosphere, including our own terrestrial neighbors the bears, and many humans view them only with ignorance, fear and hostility.

These reactions are firmly based upon a negative reputation inspired by inaccurate and unfair portrayals of bears. People still rely on the knowledge passed down to us by ignorant forbearers instead of seeing for ourselves what we can discover with our own developed, modernized points of view. So many people see baseless myths and blown up exaggerations as fact. And because of this, bears have unfairly been given a bad reputation. And when people fear bears, bears die.

On this page we will debunk some of the most commonly pervasive bear myths.

This knowledge is power, because if it is used right, it can be used to save the lives of countless bears from death by human fear and ignorance.


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