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Grizzly bears are much larger, and are more dangerous than black bears, but the chances of being attacked by one are still very low, and they usually only attack because they feel threatened or they feel their cubs may be threatened by us. Understandable, how would you feel if some stranger came along, and you were afraid he might harm you or your children?

...It is also true that hunted populations of bears tend to be more aggressive towards humans than non-hunted ones. (perfectly understandable why) Also, next time you hear a news story slathered everywhere about 'another' bear attack, but remember just how rare and uncommon this really is, otherwise they wouldn't be sensationalizing it on the news. There might be 2 people killed in a year by bears in the US, but tens of thousands of people die everyday from car accidents, cigarrette smoke and dog attacks. Believe me, you're in danger every time you step out of your house, but certainly not from bears.

Grizzlies do, sometimes on very rare occasions, seemingly attack a person unprovoked. However when investigated the causes of the bear attack are far more complex than just a savage predatory action. More often than not what caused the bear to attack had much deeper roots in human irresponsibility.

Sadly, bears can become aggressive and dangerous once they have become habituated to human food from rummaging through improperly stored garbage, or even from people hand feeding them. But this is the fault of human irresponsibility, and people should be more careful and make sure to properly store their garbage in designated bear proof containers …and for god sakes, don't hand-feed the grizzlies.

As huge, ferocious and scary as grizzlies may seem, It is actually very possible to co-exist and even easy to get along with them, so long as we are just willing to make a few responsible changes to some of our routines and of course make sure to leave them some room on this earth for them to roam freely.

For more on co-existing with grizzlies, check out Charlie Russell and his groundbreaking research at: 


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