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MYTH: Bears will attack women who are going through a menstrual cycle

This myth originated from a tragic freak occurrence nearly 50 years ago in Glacier Park, in which 2 women camping out at the park were both attacked and killed by grizzlies on the evening of August 13, 1967. The occurrence of the attacks on two women in a single night in the same park, both of whom were at the time having their periods led to the speculation that women, especially menstruating women, were especially prone to attracting bear attacks. Scientific studies have been conducted on black bears and grizzly bears to test if this had any truth and showed no evidence that bears responded in any unusual way to human female menstrual odors. The tragic 1967 Glacier Park attacks were simply coincidental and not linked to menstrual odor. Bear attacks are very rare and almost always caused by bears becoming aggressive after being habituated to associate humans with food, which entirely lies on the fault of human irresponsibility, whether from people hand-feeding bears or by improperly storing food and garbage.


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