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Bear Protection Act (H.R. 3029)
From John Teel - 24 Mar 2008

A new federal bill called the Bear Protection Act (H.R. 3029) is being considered by Congress. This bill would would protect bears by prohibiting the import, export, and interstate commerce of bear gallbladders and bile. Bear gallbladders are commonly used in Asia because they are falsely believed to be an aphrodisiac. Bears are tortured for days in order to make their gallbladder swell before harvesting.

Please call your representative and urge them to co-sponsor the Bear Protection Act (HR 3029) which could save thousands of bears from a horribly painful death.

To find your U.S. Representative either call 202-224-3121 or go to where you can find your representatives by simply entering your zip code.

For more information about the Bear Protection Act go: 

Best regards,

John Teel

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