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From Brenden Garrett - 24 Mar 2008

Being an avid fiction reader (at least I try to be when I'm not wasting all my time on the computer) I have had some trouble finding books and authors I desire to read. Libraries are so vast and there are few things leading me to which book I should pick up and read out of all the thousands and thousands of others.


Being majorly enthralled with bears; I have been for a while wanting almost strictly wanting to read something ONLY if it has something to do with a bear. Therefore, I have looked for, found and read several fiction books about bears or at least featuring them as characters, which I will list some of:

The Tribe of Star Bear
by Victoria Mihalyi

The Bear Comes Home
by Rafi Zabor

Rescue Josh Mcguire
by Ben Mikaelsen

The Bear Went Over the Mountain
by Henry Kotzwinkle

by Edith Pattou

by Marian Engel

His Dark Materials Trilogy
by Philip Pullman, which includes:

The Golden Compass
by Phillip Pullman

The Subtle Knife
by Philip Pullman (actually the bear character isn't really featured much at all in this one but it's the middle of the trilogy)

The Amber Spyglass
by Phillip Pullman

The Right to Arm Bears
by Gordon R. Dickson

...Does anyone know of some more good fiction featuring bears that they could suggest? Please?

Brenden Garrett

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