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Can the media's ignorant portrayal of bears get any worse?

This Discovery Channel Program called "Bear Feeding Frenzy" is the dumbest thing ever produced on bears, it is purely a cheap, crappy "reality" program which attempts to make bears look like completely savage man-eaters, in the program they set up a mock campsite occupied by crash test dummies and film the bears tearing apart the tents and dummies like any bear likes to do with toys and things, but the program's message seems to be implying that bears would typically do the same thing with a real campsite occupied by human beings. A man also gets inside a glass box while a trained captive bear playfully tries to break into the box.

I remember reading an article little while back from a bear biologist who appeared in the program and actually spoke out against the program afterwards, saying he did not realize what he was getting into and how stupid and misleading this program really was. I don't remember where I saw this article but I'll try to find it again.

...But if that sounds pretty dumb, it's not even scratching the surface of stupid. There is a program on Spike TV which had a short segment story related with bears which was simply atrocious.

Spike tv is a terrible network which I hope someday tanks, the only thing good on it was MXC, but aside from the fact that their sleazy programming like "manswers" is garbage, this just outright makes me mad. This story from another equally degrading show called "1000 ways to Die" isn't even true, I did research and I found absolutely no story anywhere of a man being mauled to death by a bear under such shocking circumstances, this story is ridiculous beyond comprehension but this program doesn't even clearly state that the stories on it are completely fabricated. The program seems to convey that these stories are at least partially true or based on some similar true occurance.

Nothing about this story could possibly be true:

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