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I wish this was just a nightmare

I am afraid to even speak of this, very afraid, but I think it should be known about, regardless of how horrible it is and how and unwanted and ill received it is still real.

This is by far the greatest evil I have ever encountered. I have no further strength for words to describe how I feel after hearing of this, I feel nothing right now, I am dead inside.

There is a site, it is a porn site, not work safe of course or appropriate for ANYONE to see, especially people under 21, AND YOU MUST NOT EVER see it, but apparently this site is a pornographic site containing a video of a woman shooting a bear out of a tree, the bear cries in pain and falls and dies, and the worst has not even begun yet.

The woman is with a male hunter, they undress and they have sex on top of the freshly murdered bear's body, and after they finish the woman drinks some whiskey, then they leave the bear's desecrated and defiled body to be torn apart by hounds. this is all true. the site is "". It is all apparently legal, the site has been up for several years and is actually a bit of a pornographic "meme" in the seedy underbelly of the internet. This is humanity. This is our society. Our nation. In this age.

All I can say is I'm so, so sorry to speak of this to all of you... I hope you can forgive me and understand why I shared this. This could not be ignored.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to sleep tonight but before I go to bed I'm going to say a prayer for that bear, and for all bears, and I want you all to join me in praying as well.

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