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I can't believe the only thing I could find to post about bears in all the months I have been silent was the most horrible thing imaginable. I'm so terrible at this.

There are so many small good things here and there I could have posted but just never bothered to, small victories like grizzlies in the 48 being given endangered protection status again, or miracles like the liberation of every moon bear freed from the horrific bile farms in China and given a chance to enjoy life for the first time, and all the growing outcry against the grizzly hunt in British Columbia, with support from Charlie Russell, Jane Goodall, Deepak Chopra and a very impassioned 12-year-old girl, or the extension of that hunt being rejected, but no, I had to find only the most unspeakable atrocity possible someone could commit against one of these poor creatures and tell you all about it.

No more. You know what evils humans are capable of, now it's time to see the good side of things.

To start turning things around here's a video of Kali Brauckmann and her impassioned effort to stop the hunt, and how she got the support of Deepak Chopra on board:

Kali and Deepak Chopra on trophy hunting Grizzly Bears

...and here is a video of sloth bears freed from abused lives as 'dancing bears' in the streets of India to enjoying life at their new sanctuary

Rescued dancing bears playing in sanctuary

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