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Heartfelt Poems
By: Carol Vito


Self published by:
Carol Vito
8 Mt. Ross Hill Road
Pine Plains, NY  12567 

$15.00 US
Including postage and donations
(see below in About the Author)

About the Book:

Heartfelt Poems is a delightful collection of poems, illustrations, pastels, and photos by Carol Vito.  As she says on the cover, her book was inspired by cherished animal companions, nature and love.

The reader can feel the personalities of Carol's companion animals.  As an example, Funny Bunny reminds her of Bambi's friend Thumper, who can be feisty and stubborn and even throws small objects around when angry.  She addresses a favorite stream as My Meandering Friend in the same way that Saint Francis of Assisi addressed "O sister  water, flowing clear" many years ago.  We can also feel her sorrow in the passing of a beloved friend, as most of us have also experienced.

Heartfelt Poems is small in physical size, but it's very large in heart.  It is heartfelt!  We highly recommend this book to our readers.

Read a sample poem: Every Dog Goes To Heaven By Carol Vito

About the Author:

Carol Vito lives with her "thorough"-mix pooch, Sandy (Photo-left), rescue cat, StarDust, house rabbit, Funny Bunny, and formerly "stray" goldfish.

She has always had a profound love for all animals.  She helped homeless animals during her high school and college years by doing pastel pet portraits and giving the animal shelters a commission.

One of her passions, aside from being with her four-legged and fish companions, is enjoying and appreciating the beautiful wildlife she grew to respect as a child.

Proceeds from this book, after the donation to your local animal shelter and printing and shipping costs, will go towards the noble cause of helping to keep this beautiful land and to protect the wildlife who inhabit it.  She has begun with a 40 acre tract of land which she is preserving as forever wild.

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