Every Dog Goes To Heaven
By Carol Vito
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Every Dog Goes To Heaven
By Carol Vito

Copyrightę 2000
- from Heartfelt Poems -


Every dog goes to Heaven
This I know is true -
They ascend their flight
On wings of love
And reflect sunsets
And skies of blue.

They teach us all
Of unconditional love -
Their lessons of loyalty never end.
The joys they shared
Are now above,
But to us, through memories
They send.

Peace will come
From precious thoughts
Of companion pets gone by...
We remember
With fondness
Their gentle ways -
The Beauty they shared
Is now seen in the sky.

It comes to us
In sunsets, clouds, rainbows,
Glistening snowflakes and twinkling stars -
Everything Good that
Nature paints
Reminds us of our companions
And keeps them forever
Within our hearts...

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