Troy Veg Night Out

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Museum Association of New York
265 River Road
Troy NY 12180

We have currently 8 more spaces remaining. If you wish to go, you MUST register and pay through this link in order to reserve your spot.
We will sample food at 5 restaurants in groups of around 10. We will walk from one location to the next, sampling the vegan creations along the way.

All details and to sign up is on this link:

Enjoy Caribbean, Lebanese, Greek and Italian favorites:

First Choice Caribbean - try Ital Stew, Callaloo, Stew Chunks, rice and cabbage
Greek House - try their spreads of potatoes, revithosalala, eggplant and hummus and kalamata olives, lemon potato, grape leaves and beets.

Beirut - Falafel, hummus, grape leaves and pita bread
DP Dough - vegan calzones with Daiya cheese

We will all gather at X's to O's Vegan Bakery at the end to enjoy delicious samples of baked goods and coffee.

*All food items will be vegan and prepared ahead of time for us.

The Price is $30.00 per person, with all food, taxes and gratuities included.

Groups of around 10 will rotate around to these restaurants which are all within walking distance.

Only 40 spaces are available.  

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