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Disruption of Humane Society of New York Star-studded Adoption Event Goes Viral

FROM Donny Moss,
July 2022

For over two years, they have prohibited adopters from entering the building to meet the animals, all of whom deserve to find forever, loving homes.

Alexandra Rowley
Animal rights activists have protested Humane Society of New York Board member Alexandra Rowley over the warehousing of animals

Approximately 30 animal advocates disrupted the Humane Society of New York (HSNY) when actress Bernadette Peters brought the shelter’s animal trainer onto the stage during Broadway Barks, a star-studded adoption event in NYC’s theater district. The trainer, Bill Berloni, has close relationships with many actors and actresses, including Peters, because he provides them with animals for their shows, films and commercials.

During the three months leading up to Broadway Barks, activists sent hand-written letters to Peters, explaining that animals were being warehoused at the prominent shelter and pleading with her to call on HSNY to send the animals to adoption centers that are open or to foster homes. Peters did not acknowledge the letters or social media posts in which she was tagged.


"We were not there to make friends or allies,” said Bonnie Tischler, one of the protesters who served as HSNY’s Adoption Director for 22 years before retiring in 2020. “We were there to sound the alarm about the plight of animals living indefinitely at the Humane Society of New York after being ignored for months by stakeholders in the shelter community."


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