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Ontario: Ottawa - Anne Sturgeon

Our passion is to save as many animals from suffering needlessly as we possibly can. We strongly believe God never designed humans to consume animals or any animal by-products, and that our human bodies suffer if we do. We also believe the animal agriculture industry is severely damaging this beautiful planet God has given us to live on.

So many people seem blinded to the truth. In an effort to help people understand, in 2007, my husband and I started to run a small grassroots group out of our home in Ottawa, Canada. The group meets every six weeks and gently tries to help people understand how we can make a positive difference in Godís world. Each meeting always include a time of worship and a vegan potluck. We try to have a thought provoking guest speaker and a documentary. The topics vary but the underlying theme is all about learning to take care of the gifts God has given us.

Another thing we do is hand out Christian Vegetarian Association CVA literature whenever possible and run CVA tables at local events.

My husband and I certainly feel churches should lead the way in inspiring people to have love and compassion for all of God's creation, including every human and other animal. Therefore, until the churches provide this much needed ministry, we are expanding our mission and ministry to include providing the care, comfort, and support that people who care about animal so desperately need, including officiating at funeral and memorial services for departed beloved companion animals.

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