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Oregon: Bend - Vegetarian Network

We choose thoughtfulness of all creatures and the Earth, our home. We hope others will join us in opposing the killing and senseless brutal treatment of animals for meat with is not necessary or healthful for human kind.

We promote education and demonstration of the healthiest lifestyle, a plant based diet which will lead us to greater health for humans, animals, our planet and all creatures who share it, and will impact social justice issues around the globe.

We are a non-profit vegetarian group based in Bend Oregon. We provide education material, and have a lending library of books and videos to help people in their desire for better health, a more sustainable environment and prevention of cruelty to all animals. We host monthly vegetarian potlucks and hope others will join us. They are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. We welcome guest speakers that promote animal welfare and environmental issues.

Several of us have a monthly vegetarian potluck and we just love having dinner with people who are vegetarians or vegans.

I write a lot of letters to places urging them to stop using animal products and my hopes is that they will treat animals more humanely. I feel that animals are equal to humans.

I love that offers prayers for animals. I also like that fact that you urge all churches to not wear fur and not serve meat at church functions. I love that. That is the way it should be.

Our God would only love animals, not hurt them or have them for dinner. What are other church folks thinking?

God Bless the animals and our vegetarian/ vegan friends.

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Veronica Knight, Coordinator

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