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FROM Kitty Jones
Facebook posting, November 29, 2021
November 2021

There is NO SUCH THING AS A RESPONSIBLE BREEDER! There is no way to do the wrong thing!

breeder Dog

I am literally BEGGING YOU TO NOT BUY BABY ANIMALS. Look at this mommy dog who knows how many times she was forcibly impregnated for someone to make money off her. She almost died. As Christmas approaches hella people want to buy puppies, kittens, and other babies to give as gift.

If you have any love or respect for animals DO NOT BUY THEM! If you want a companion animal ADOPT ONE FROM A REAL SHELTER and make sure you and your family are ready for a 15+ year commitment. You can find thousands of adoptable animals at
I want to scream seeing my neighbors breeding and exploiting dogs. I hear their puppies crying all day and I see what horrific conditions the mothers are in.

Anyone who is selling babies to make money is EXPLOITING the mother, forcing her to get pregnant, taking away her babies, and almost always leaving her to languish locked up in their back yard.

There is NO SUCH THING AS A RESPONSIBLE BREEDER!!! There is no way to do the wrong thing!

Animals are individuals who feel pain and suffering just like us! When these cruel people breed and sell animals, not only are they hurting those individuals, they are also directly taking a home away from an animal at a shelter who otherwise would have been adopted. 1-2 millions animals are KILLED at shelters every year. Millions of innocent lives are destroyed because there was no more room at the shelter or the people who wanted a pet bought one from a breeder instead.

Breeders DO NOT care about animals, they will tell you anything to convince you that they do. They only care about money. If they gave a **** about animals then they would be rescuing and adopting out animals, not breeding and selling them.

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