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Questions by Samuel Titus with Answers by Frank L. Hoffman - 15 Dec 2005

Dear Frank,

I agree that it is horrible to see the cruelty of animals but then why do you think that God allowed animals to be sacrificed?

[Frank L. Hoffman] This was a concession to limit the cruelty, but it was never God's intent. People were to obey God, and if they obeyed, there was no need for a sacrifice. Furthermore, the sacrificial system ended with the destruction of the Temple, leaving no reason to continue to kill animals.

I can see how you would be refulsed by these photos but they are not humans.

[Frank L. Hoffman] We are to feel compassion for all of God creatures. Why don't you?

God put animals on this earth to be eaten whether by other animals or humans.

[Frank L. Hoffman] Actually, He didn't. Animals were to be our companions and we all were to eat only plant foods.

Do you eat any meat?

[Frank L. Hoffman] No! Neither to we eat any other animals products

Why do you think God created animals?

[Frank L. Hoffman] See above.

Do you think that people who raise there own meat and treat the animals kindly can eat meat?

[Frank L. Hoffman] No, but it's better than what happens on factory farms. Killing for one's pleasure can never be a kindly act.


Samuel Titus 

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