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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 6 Jan 2006

Dear Jennifer:

We didn't think we were avoiding any of your questions or positions.

We didn't say that all farmed animals suffer every day of their lives, we said the 95% of the animals that are raised on factory farms suffer every day of their lives.

We are happy to hear that some of the other 5% (the family farms) are doing some things to clean up their act. We have heard other people tell us this, too, but when we asked to be able to visit some of these farms and have the right of free access to all areas and to photograph and report accurately on what we see, we've had no takers.

From what we've learned from others, including some USDA inspectors, over the past several years there has been even less inspection and enforcement of the laws and regulations on factory farms, during transportation, and in slaughterhouses. You say that torturing animals is "criminal", and we agree, but in the factory farming and slaughter business such torture is considered "standard practice', and it remains legal. This is why they're not going to change unless forced to do so.

We know of no tighter regulations concerning the welfare of animals on commercial farms. We would be very interested in knowing about the ones you refer to.

If the old MacDonald family farms of old were the farms of today, we probably never would have started our animal exploitation section, but this simply isn't the case. They are so few and far between as to have almost no impact on the marketplace.

We still don't understand why you believe that humans need to be predators. We don't have to kill to eat. We can be at peace with the whole of creation and eat plant foods.

Our domestic cats never learned to kill, and as a result they wouldn't even hurt a field mouse that came into our home. Mary would just pick up the mice and take them back outside. Even among predatory animals, killing has to be learned. Our dog was vegan, and our cats nearly so, and they lived much longer than the average.

We can have harmony with all of nature without harming it, and just because some animals kill to live is no reason for us to do so. Why seek to be cruel, when we can be kind and compassionate? We're sorry, but we just can't understand your reasoning.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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