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By Desiree - 2 Feb 2006

I've read some of the letters sent and I have to say people are just trying to find some way to justify their meat-eating.

Yes, when we were evolving we hunted and needed meat, it was for survival. Now days we have supplements, soy, tofu and many other products to get the nutrition that we once needed from meat. It's no long necessary to kill animals for food. Spinach, broccoli and many other greens have just as much protein. In fact, we get too much protein, if anything.

The justification is nothing more than a preference for taste and not nutritional content. While I respect others opinions, their is no justification for meat eating, only excuses. I'm obviously vegetarian and more healthy and I probably get more protein than meat-eaters. One look at the photos on the website should convince people that meat is murder.


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