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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 29 Mar 2006

Since Emily Webster cut of the discussion, we'll respond in this forum.

We have heard many farmed animal operators claim that they raise their animals humanely, including factory farmers.  But every time we request permission to see one of these "humanely" run operations, we are refused admission. 

The dictionary describes "humane" as being expressed by tenderness and compassion for the suffering and distressed.  Could it be that these people know that they are misusing the meaning of this word, and that they are not really humane?  Even Emily and her husband, who describe a farm that is much better than intensive operations, separate the calves from their mothers, which is extremely traumatic and causes a great deal of distress for both mother and child.

Emily doesn't discuss sending the male calves off to slaughter, nor their sending their "spent" dairy cows to the same fate.  And from everything we been able to learn, there really isn't any such thing as humane slaughter.

The only place where we've seen farm animals truly treated humanely is at sanctuaries.

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