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By Susan - 16 May 2006

What confuses me is the fact that, as an observant Jew, surely Jesus Himself ate meat - in form of Passover lamb, for one thing. I'm sure that ancient Jews did not eat a lot of meat, especially if they were poor, and only for special occasions, probably. But they did eat meat, including Jesus Himself, I would assume. He went fishing with the Apostles, too, and helped them catch many more fish. He also gave the hungry thousands fish to eat.

Also, Peter had that vision in which God told him to kill and eat all those animals he saw coming down from Heaven on the sheet. I believe that story was in Acts.

I very much support your belief about living a vegetarian life. I do not eat meat, myself. But I'm not doing it from a Biblical standpoint. I'm simply doing it because I find eating meat to be repulsive, and because I love animals so much.

I'm just confused how the vegetarian lifestyle can be supported from a Biblical standpoint, when Jesus Himself ate meat, helped his fishermen Apostles catch even MORE fish, and fed the hungry with fish.

I don't mean to sound argumentative, because I do agree with your feelings about animals. I'm just in need of clarification on these points - from a Biblical standpoint, since the Creator Himself was eating them while he was living on the earth.

I wish the whole world would be vegetarian - the way it was in the Garden of Eden! I wish the killing of animals for meat would become illegal. But again, from a Biblical standpoint, I don't see where I have a leg to stand on.

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