Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Gillian - 27 Mar 2007


I came across your web page as I was looking up information on how male chicks are thrown out.

I personally think this is a horrible practice, as well as the way just about every farmed animal is treated through out their lives.

I personally think the problem lies in there being too many people on this planet who all want to consume resources at an endless pace, and the fact that in most cases money is more important than morals.

I think going vegan is great, however I do not personally have a problem with eating meat. I do love animals very much, but I am also aware that in order for life to survive, most of the time life needs to be consumed. My biggest problem is the amount of meat we eat as a society and the complete lack of respect for the animal that gave up its life to be eaten. I think very few people are aware of the way meat is processed and I know there are a few people out there who don't even know that meat comes from an animal!!

Small farms where the animals get to live comfortable lives seem to be almost impossible due to the reasons I have stated above. However, I know that a few do exist and that there are farmers out there who do care about the animals and their livelihood. I always try to buy my animal products from these kinds of sources. When I buy eggs, I make sure they are organic and free ranged or cage free. But I am also aware that companies can very easily put half truths on their products to make it sound like they are more responsible than they really are.

So I have a few questions about eggs that are not covered on your site. It seemed from the images you were showing, that you were talking about regular caged production. Do you know if hens that are free ranged or cage free are treated the same way regular caged hens are? Are the male chicks still thrown away and do they still burn their beaks off? Are they still ignored when they suffer from illness?? I'm sure it all depends on the specific farm, but do you know in general?

I took a quick look at your recipe page. I personally love to cook and I am always looking for good meat free recipes. I will definitely take a closer look and try some out!

Thanks for your time,


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