Animals as Food



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Animals as Food
Comments by Mary and Frank Hoffman - 15 May 2007

Dear Mariko:

Thank you for writing, and your assumption of what we are trying to do is correct.

Almost all of the animal products sold in our markets are the products of cruelty and suffering. There is no such thing as compassionate and humane animal farming, at least as far as our investigations have shown. If you can show us that there are any place where this is not true, we would love to know about them.

As a Christian you should understand that God does not want humans or other animals to suffer.

The only way we know of to stop the suffering is to take the money out of the pockets of the people who cause the suffering by not eating, wearing, or buying these products of cruelty and suffering.

We don't need to eat animals to be healthy, there is an abundance of plant foods to eat, and there would be even more if we stopped raising animals for food.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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Animals as Food

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