Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Lisa - 20 May 2009

I understand your thoughts and couldn't agree with you more, but I eat meat and enjoy it. I just happen to like it, what I won't eat is veal or lamb, something about both make me sick. You have great answers but it's like telling the public not to drink or smoke, never going to happen as hard as we may try. So we have a losing battle on our hands and sometimes you just have to forget about it.

What I don't like is the cruel and inhumane way they raise beef, chickens or pork and have started raising my own, only problem I will never be able to eat the animals I've raised, I love them as much as my dogs and cats. I am going to have a 1000 lb. cow in my backyard forever! I don't understand why animals can't be humanely euthanized and than butchered? You can't tell me with all the technology in this world we have not come up with a humane slaughter.

I wish I could change the world and I have been a huge activist in the horse slaughter community. We have been able to stop slaughter here in the US and are now working on stopping crossing the borders. Only problem, many more horses are starving in their own backyards, which is worse? People need to stop over breeding and start being compassionate.

I have three hens and one rooster so only two male chicks where killed, I can't control that and I am one of the most compassionate, caring person who will ever know, but I need eggs and like I said before I like meat. I will only eat the meat I raise so I know it's healthy and has had the best life possible. I also have 12 acres of prime "black dirt" and raise organic veggies for my family, they are the best! So I will do my best but we will never stop the greed and sickness of money, it's here to stay so we must live with it, as much as we don't agree, humans will never, ever change! You also need to be honest with yourself, If you won the mega Millions tomorrow, you would accept the money, wouldn't you? I would and start an animal rescue!

LOL! Have a great night and God Bless!


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