Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
Comments by Chip - 23 Apr 2011

Nice to speak with caring, kind Christians; as you obviously are.

I agree, we could skip the meat, but to me that seems an all or nothing approach. Any of God’s gift to mankind should be enjoyed with moderation. In the scriptures that applies to wine as well as food. In some parts of this planet getting clean, wholesome vegetables is near impossible. For instance, deserts of North Africa, the frozen tundra and third-world countries under dictators are lucky to see farm raised meat; forget about organic gardening. The vegan life-style works for many, I just spent two years in Oregon and never ate so healthy in all my life. The food was accessible and well done, good taste, quality, a good experience. That isn’t the case world-wide. I have tried finding sources in MS, now that work takes me here, but this place is pork BBQ paradise.

Personally, I don’t eat red meat, I’m a pescatarian. Heavy into veggies, Kangen water and juices only, but I gotta have seafood and occasionally a chicken. (There, I said it!) I cheat on my diet on occasion. I changed three yrs ago because my cholesterol went to over 500. Not a typo, yes 500+. Dr. said change or die. I did, I’m still here. Processed foods, High Fructose corn syrup and acidic body PH is killing America. Cokes, hotdogs etc are not allowed in my house. But, I ramble. I do preach the healthy life, just not a big believer in exalting animals to par with humans.

Every creature is placed in its relative position by God. Animals will always be food and nothing will change that. I do pray more people raised their own, as I do.

My morning scrambled eggs, toast and coffee are ritual. I know you hate me (LOL) but I try.