Animals as Food


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Animals as Food
By Trey - 23 Nov 2011

I think the culture has changed. A lot of attention is dedicated to the technology in a sense: movies, phones, videos, internet. It's important for us to focus our attention on ourselves. We are all special. For some people meat works. I have been doing this since 2001, I just gave up cheese. It's a process.

Giving up a poison that was fed to you as a baby can be difficult for many of these people. But there is a slow conscious wave taking place in these next generations. In a sense a Christ like consciousness. Where everyone does not merely think of themselves in a sense of riches and material wealth, but for what they can do for others.

I would like to know any resources if any that you have as far as cook books, videos or anything of that nature that specializes in vegan. You might have people that we can meet, we are on the west coast. As well, I would like to make lotions and certain remedies. If you have any resources or friends who would know about something like this. Its my dream to travel the world and spread the consciousness that I have learned.