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By Karolin - 11 Oct 2013

Hi there Frank and Mary,
I hope this e-mail finds you well.
Btw. thanks for your "weeping heart" sermon.
That reminds me of this encounter that I had with a patient's boyfriend.
So, the patient and her boyfriend are somewhat homeless, although you'd never be able to tell. I guess they get by. So in the morning I brought the boyfriend fresh coffee. It is not custom that we do that for friends or family members. They are encouraged to go to the cafeteria and buy coffee there but I figured that he does not have much money.
One day the patient was meditating because she was in pain. So we started talking about spirituality. That was a great opening to bring up plant based diet choices and I did. She nodded her head and basically agreed with what I was saying.
The boyfriend was listening too but all of a sudden he said, "Oh but I love a steak from a horribly abused cow once in a while"  he then laughed.
Well, I smiled and offered him a free soda, which he accepted.
About an hour later he came to find me on the floor and said, "Karolin, do you have a moment? I really want to apologize for what I said to you about the animals. I know you are very passionate about this and I should have never have done that."  
I thought that was pretty neat because most people would never do that.
Have a great day.

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