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By Eamonn - 6 Mar 2014

Dear Sir/Madam,
While I can, on some level, salute your effort to reduce pain and suffering among the beasts of burden and animals we harvest, your point is not made well.
Partial list of the areas where your arguments could be improved: 
A) Why pick on the Roman Catholic Church, when people of nearly all religions (not Buddhists, for instance), eat meat?
B) Please google "free will" to understand why people don't live in harmony
C) Jesus ate meat and the Bible refers to eating meat many times
D) I'd wager that abortion desensitizes us more than eating a steak, and how does the Church teach us to kill animals?   
E) Animals and people are not the same, i.e., we are on different levels from the animals. 
F) If we stop eating animals, people will starve.
I think a more important challenge would be to reduce violence locally (Dorchester), and/or work on improving the conditions for animals on farms.   
Eamonn O'Clerigh

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