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Animal Sacrifices: Our Visitors' Comments


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Animal Sacrifices: Our Visitors' Comments
By Elaine - 5 Jan 2013

How do we KNOW that the voice is from God and not us or worse, the evil one?  There must be a way to discern it.  That's the problem, if you read the verses I posted, you know that most people have the voice of the evil one and/or their own carnal desires screaming at them from within and convincing them that their way is right.

God speaks to us through His word....  No other way. God is more than "love", He is also righteous and holy and sin, He does not tolerate, though He has made a way for sinners to have an intimate relationship with Him, which is so amazing when you try to comprehend it!  The God who created the vast universe, came to a speck of a planet because He loved US and IT so much that He wanted to make a way for us to have a relationship with Him and save us from the bondage of the "Prince of the Power of the Air", Satan himself....   If anyone can comprehend that and the wonder of it....  Who can?  Its too amazing....  And yet some want to sit in judgement of God...  a tiny speck, not even discernable in the vastness of the universe, wishes to judge God and His ways...  We can be quite full of ourselves!  ;-)

God Bless,