Animal Stories


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Animal Stories
By Jim and Mindy Tucker - 4 Sep 2004

In Reference to: A Visit with the Tucker Family

Hello from Arkansas:

Just wanted to say hello! We always enjoy reading new stories on your web site.

We're buying a 10 acre mini farm up close to Conway, Arkansas, and have been busy trying to get moved. On a trip to our property about 2 months ago, we saw a cat running back and forth across a lonely stretch of highway. Thank God he didn't get hit, and ran out into the woods. Of course we went after him. He kept yowling and going a little farther in the woods, but finally after much coaxing, came to us. A full-blooded Seal Point Siamese!! Someone had evidentially "dumped" him. Skinny as a rail, poor thing, and covered in ticks and fleas! We took him to our vet the very next morning, and he was healthy enough to be neutered, and shots were given, and Frontline Plus applied. The vet said he's about 2 yrs old.

Animals just have a knack for finding us. Of course, "Siamese Sammy" has captured our hearts and we're going to keep him. The other 7 animals LOVE him. Sammy acts more like a DOG! He follows us and wants to ride in the car-ha!

I need to get some pictures of him. Things are just hectic getting moved. I'll get a picture to you soon. Sammy is now the picture of health!

God Bless You, and take care!

Your Brother and Sister In Christ,

Jim and Mindy Tucker