A Visit with the Tucker Family
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October 2011

Our visit began with a letter From Mindy Tucker - 21 Jan 2003
about our Animal Exploitation Photo Gallery. Following our reply Mindy sent along this family bedroom picture.  (To enlarge the photo of the kids in bed, click on the photo or link.)


This pic of the kids in bed isn't just REAL GOOD...Frosty got a hold of it, and it suffered a few teeth marks before I could cajole him into giving it back! It was just WONDERFUL to see him wanting to play.

The black one is Cookie, who was in one of the previous pics I sent. The blond is a rescue from Little Rock Animal Shelter last year, who we successfully had treated for heartworms (Praise God!), and the white one is  Frosty, an American Eskimo Dog rescued from a bad situation. Frosty has been with us a little over a year, and he's just now starting to come up to us and get in our lap, etc. We are guessing he was left in that pen and never socialized. He was about 5 months old when we got him. (To enlarge the photo of Frosty, click on the photo or link.)


We just wanted you to see our little Frosty, and how HAPPY he is now.  He's even SMILING, which he does all the time, in the top picture. The left one, Jim says, is "Frosty Tucker ... TUCKERED OUT!!"  (To enlarge the photo of Frosty, click on the photo or link.)


About our "kids" on the bed. Jim and I are lucky if they decide to LET us sleep with them. The fact that it's a large king size bed doesn't seem to help much. On the UP SIDE...they are WONDERFUL FOOT WARMERS! So we're just one big happy family.

When the children and grandchildren and friends come to visit, we get a BREAK, because our pets like to sleep with the children. In the photo to the right, our granddaughter, Brianna, is lounging with other members of the family.  (To enlarge the photo of Brianna, click on the photo or link.)


This sweet young man I'm holding is Justin, my grandson.  He was taught early on to be KIND to God's creatures. He puts his little head on them and says, "ummm-ummm-lovey."  Justin will be 2 years old the 31 January 2003. (To enlarge the photo of Mindy and Justin, click on the photo or link.)


We also have an 11 year old Pom, Sherman, but he's getting grouchy and set in his ways, so we cater to him, and don't bother him a lot!

I've got another picture that I need to scan soon, one of Rusty, a little orange cat who was found in a dumpster and given to me by a friend who works at my vet's clinic.

This is Jim, just in from work, holding Cookie at our house in town (Little Rock) when she was about 7 months old. She has always been a BIG girl!! Lab/Chow/(Angel) mix!! She is now 65 lbs at 3 yrs. old in the other pic of the 3 of them on the bed. Still a LAP DOG-Ha! (To enlarge the photo of Jim and Cookie, click on the photo or link.)


On 20 January 2003, as if a little tom cat KNEW where to come before the weather turned off so bitterly COLD, a pretty, but skinny, young orange and white cat ran up to me in our front yard, crying. He had a horrible bloody patch about 3 in by 3 in of skin ripped off his back. (To enlarge the photo of Little Tom, click on the photo or link)


See The Story of Little Tom to find out what happened next!

It's bitterly COLD here, and I'll sign off for now to go put "extra beds" (insulated crates) out under Jim's shop for any animals that need a warm place. I'm still going to find a picture of our other cat, Rusty. There's a real cute one of him yawning. I'll run across it!

God Bless You!

Your Arkansas Friends,
And Brother and Sister in Christ,

Mindy and Jim

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