Animal Stories

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Animal Stories
Finnegan the Squirrel

Comments by Dian Forbis - 24 Mar 2007

I just sent you an email concerned about Debby returning the little squirrel back into the wild. I thought I would add one of the experiences I saw first hand.

My husband and I had come across a raccoon at an empty home that someone had raised. We felt so bad that it was abandoned, as it was not seeming to be doing to well. So we called a well meaning wild animal rescue place and they came and took it in. But I thought they would just let it live on the premises and take care of it. Instead they tried to make it wild again, and would beat pans to make noise when they approached, etc. Well the poor little guy did get scared and fearful, and was make into a nervous wreck, but never abandoned his love for people and his need for them to care for him.

They did return him to the wild and some time later they were called to rescue him again and he was so sick and haggard. I was so mad at myself for ever calling them in the first place. I know they only meant well, but they were so wrong in what they tried to do, and that poor raccoon, which loved and trusted people was so mistreated and suffered greatly.

They admitted, that they should not have returned him to the wild, as he was just too much a pet, and it made his fending for himself just impossible. So please send this onto Debby too. I just don't want that little squirrel or other wild animals made into pets to have to go through that. I think it is great to rescue them and I think in those cases, it is just better to let them live out their lives enjoying us, as we enjoy and take care of them.

On the other hand, I have some friends who rescue little lambs left to die. They nurture them and raise them and love them. So they just stay their pets and have great lives.

Thank you again,

Dian Forbis

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