Animal Stories

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Animal Stories
Comments by Erica Wildman - 31 Aug 2007

In Reference to: A �Chance� in a Lifetime � A True Miracle

Thank you for this wonderful story told with so much love and understanding of the love our Savior has for his creatures.

I have been in animal rescue for many years, and it is good to know that there are other people who love and sacrifice for these helpless animals.

I am 69 y/o now and my sisters are 72 and 78, and our house is still home to 12 cats. Used to have dogs too, but the last one went to heaven after 17-1/2 years. I expect to see all our dogs and cats in heaven.

My eldest sister has had several visions when we lost an animal. One time the kitty of a friend came home badly injured. He had fallen asleep on the train tracks where he liked to go and a train severed all his feet. But he made it home. My sister took him to the vet right away and the little thing was sent to heaven. When Lydia (my sister, drove home) she was crying for the little kitty but the Lord opened her eyes and she saw Jesus holding the little kitty in his arms and it had four healthy legs.

Another time we had to put a little kitty to sleep because he was suffering from arthritis and his little legs and tail were all knotted up. He couldn't even walk anymore. Again the Lord showed her right after she came home from the vet a beautiful green meadow, and Jesus was smiling and pointing to a little black kitty happily romping around in the lush grass with his tail straight up and curled at the end - which he never could do when he was alive.

Well, I hope you enjoy this little story.

May the Lord bless and keep you and show you more things to come.

God Bless you!

Erica Wildman

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