Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?


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Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?
Comments by Betty - 28 May 2009

I have thought of this on more than one occasion and am wondering what others think. Often, animal cruelty videos are supposedly made through undercover agents. I know that must be tough, but my question/concern has to do with how much cruelty they have to film before they turn it in or do something more about it. For instance, as I remember, I think that this question was brought up to the HSUS when they filmed the downer cows in Chino last year. I just think I would have a real hard time filming and filming without saying or doing something to stop it on the spot.

I guess that what it may boil down to is that enough needs to be filmed to show that it is really happening. In essence, it seems that the animals suffering and being filmed are sacrificed to hopefully prevent more of the same occurring to others.


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