Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?


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Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?
Comments by Betty - 28 May 2009

I don't think I've seen any subject in this discussion group that seems to be quite as controversial as PETA, which perhaps tells us even in a small group just how controversial the organization is.

I don't hear anyone talking about HSUS, Farm Sanctuary, API, CVA, or any of the other organizations. Wayne Pacelle mentioned on either Oprah or Ellen just how many animal organizations there are in the U.S., and it was a lot.

The only personal concern that I have had with PETA is that I have seen how easily some people will turn off--to other organizations--if they have already had a bad experience with PETA. The organization takes more risks, so they are more likely to offend. Again, though, I am sure that many people are drawn to them, and PETA seems to target specific audiences and uses tactics that they think will appeal to them.

I do think that we probably need to give them the benefit of the doubt. At the end of the day, they have probably still done more good than bad. I ate meat for 57 years, so I really shouldn't be judgmental. I just want relief for all the suffering in this world.


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