Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?


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Animal Rights Activism: What's the Best Way?
Comments by Mike Shaw - 28 May 2009

Hi, Maynard....

For me, and I am a long time vegetarian of now some 23 years, I find PETA to be more negative to our cause than positive. Yes, they get attention, but at what cost?

Almost every flesh eater I know, has an antagonistic view towards PETA and hence, what PETA stands for. It is no secret that I have not liked PETA for a long time.

They came to our town once and went to the grade schools and scared children by telling them not to go fishing with their parents during the Summer months. Kids saw these adults coming up to them after school and stopping them to talk to them... GOOD GRIEF!!!!!! Confronting under-aged children is REALLY wrong!... for so many reasons.

Not only has PETA continued to do things that I think go against our work, but even when I contacted them to get vegetarian literature for my booth ( I should have known better ), no one from PETA contacted me to say yes or no.. Rather, they just kept sending emails about financial support!?!?!?!?! I will certainly never waist my time with PETA again.

Take care,


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