Are Mercy Killings (Euthanasia) Ethical?


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Are Mercy Killings (Euthanasia) Ethical?
Comments by Richard W. Firth - 10 Jun 2009

We seem to be coming together on this issue.

Yes, we are over them as loving, caring stewards even when they die. I and the Catholic Church also agree extraordinary means should not be used to prolong life when there is no hope. The Terry Schavo case was a tragic case and pain killers should have been place to insure no suffering would result from such a long period of starvation and dehydration. I also have a living will which says do not prolong my life more than 30 days if I am in a comatose state with no hope of recovery.

An animal should be able to be kept out of pain while dying and with the administration of pain killers this can be achieved. Also it is wrong with rabies to kill an animal just because it is suspect of having rabies. When no pain killer can be obtained when you find an animal in the wild all I can do is move it to a comfortable, quiet location and let it pass on while trying to comfort and pray for it.

It must be horrible in war when soldiers are blown up and dismembered and they can't be medicated and die in front of others, but they are not allowed to be put out of their misery so it is still classified as mercy killing and not allowed. I saw this in the movie covering the invasion of Normandy on D Day.

I agree with you that all forms of mercy killing should not be classified as first degree or premeditated murder. Again the intent is the issue and in most cases it is emotion and severe stress that force the person to take the life as they can't bear to see the suffering and can't provide any relief.

Let's work together insure our animals can be medicated when in pain and kept out of suffering until they pass.

Thank you for your dialogue on this very important issue.

Very sincerely,


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