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Companion Animal Care
Comments by Judy - 12 Dec 2008

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In Reference to: Proper and Safe Integration of a New Cat

Hi Frank and Mary,

Chloe and baby Jamie had a good hour last night. Although they didn’t really play together, they were in the same space and Jamie was able to come out of her safe room and go into the next room. Chloe followed her in and they swatted paws together with Jamie under the couch. At least there was no hissing. It was good.

I stayed in the general area instead of in Jamie’s room and talked and played with Chloe with Jamie walking around and investigating. Chloe went in and smelled around in the safe room.

Remy did not come upstairs although I kept calling him and repeating his name and saying ‘mommy loves Remy’ while I was upstairs with the girls. I might sound like a nut, but my cats do know their names and they know when I am calling them or saying ‘mommy loves Remy’ or ‘its ok Remy’ LOL.

I find that most cat owners really don’t give cats much credit or the time and attention they need to really become a family member. Anyway, I am getting off track and rambling LOL.

Thank you so much keeping in touch and for your good advice. It really helps to have someone to speak to about this who really ‘understands’.



p.s. see pretty baby girl attached J

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