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Comments by Nancy Rigsby - 30 Apr 1998

Wow, Jim. You raise some mighty big issues that will take a lot of soul searching to answer. For the most part, I think Christians, as well as others, have simply grown up eating animals and have been taught that's how it's supposed to be, so they never questioned it. I know that's where I come from. Recently I met someone who worked for a while in a slaughterhouse until he just couldn't bear it any longer and I came face to face with what really happens to the animals. I never had given it any thought before. I know it sounds cruel but I just didn't. I came to veganism because of a belief that it's a much healthier lifestyle for me, and then I was introduced to the whole issue of cruelty to animals through the e-mail list. I'm not sure just witnessing to people and leading them to Jesus Christ would resolve the animal issue because most Christians are where I used to be.

One final thought - thanks for the words on "taking the Lord's name in vain." Your analogy to a woman taking a man's name in marriage and then not living as his caring, faithful helpmate made that phrase come alive for me. It never quite clicked before. Thanks!