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Comments by Debra Stitt - 1 May 1998


I read your post over and over because I really wanted to feel what you were feeling. I didn't want to jump in with handy answers like a little fairy godmother.

You, my brother, are actually in a very good place and are on your way to knowing Jesus. I'd much rather see someone full of questions and concerns rather than full of answers that are pulled out of a hat. While animals are one very OBVIOUS thing on this earth that's being abused, there are many others; some of which are not so obvious at all. There's scripture that tells us that we need to be careful of our behavior for if it makes another stumble, we have sinned. You are right that our lives should reflect that of Jesus'. You are also correct in your post about references in the bible to woman, the bride and the bridegroom. Woman, many times, represents the Church. The Bride represents all of us who come to Christ. We are the body of Christ and therefore the Church. Christ, of course, is the bridegroom. They are all precious and all very necessary. If one is missing, there is no peace. There needs to be unity.

It is interesting to note that on the way in this morning, I learned that there are 60 churches closing every week in America while in other countries, some of which you are threatened by death, there are hundreds of thousands of people being saved on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly). America once was a country that ministered to other countries, sent missionaries out, etc., etc. We are now, by other countries standards, considered to be a country that they send missionaries to. This is so very sad. We have fallen and you have every reason to be distressed. We are considered to be a post-Christian nation. Part of the reason for this is that people don't gently and politely mention Jesus any more. And while I love animals as much as I love all of creation, everyone has to be approached differently. If they don't have Jesus first, they will not understand anything we have to say about the suffering of animals. Our first priority, my friend, is letting people know that Jesus will one day return and to help them, lovingly, find joy and peace in Him so that when He does come they are ready. Once a person experiences the joy and peace of Jesus, other things seem to fall into place.

Jim, not all out there that call themselves Christians are truly Christians. They might not even realize it and because of this we have to be very careful yet very honest with them. You wrote: "Wouldn't the result of a true conversion experience be that man would see as God sees, feel as He feels, and stop killing, eating and abusing His creation?" Jim, believe it or not, you are right on target here. Jesus tells us that His sheep know Him and will hear His voice and follow Him. You're there my friend. Keep listening. Relax in Him and let Him guide you.

I better quit for now as I fear I have written so much that you might not have time to read all. Keep on posting. This is the way of fellowship and in fellowship we find the Lord. When two or more are gathered in my name . . . .