White-Tailed Deer

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White-Tailed Deer
Comments by: Alejandro G. Cossio - 5 Sep 2007

Dear Frank:

Yes, the same tax free or deductibility from taxes from donations or financial help to a charity or nature care organization exists, and it is frequently used in Mèxico.

There is, in Queretaro, a giant Ecologic Reserve named " Reserva de la Biòsfera" it contains thousands and thousands of acres.  It includes many mountains and wild areas located in the "Sierra Gorda". I know this reserve had been helped with different International Founds, and it is considered as a "Human Patrimony", and it is frequently visited by many International Biologist and conservationist people from USA, Europe and Asia.

Deer populations have been recovering from almost extinction to abundant in some areas of this Reserve, but unfortunately, nobody here knows anything about deer biology or management. This is the place I described to you lately, where locals are killing with iron laces and giving poisoned bait to the deer that are doing damage to their usually poor and scarce crops. Hunting or killing wild animals is totally banned and prohibited within the Reserve areas. But Authorities can't take care of such a big territory, and without sufficient guardians, people will find the way to kill deer of whichever age or sex in a year round basis, until the deer disappear once again. This is my main concern and desperation.

I have been telling Authorities to take adequate control of deer populations. That's the reason I want to build a bigger refuge, to preserve and study the diverse subspecies of whitetail deer that still lives precariously in this ecosystems. I need to gain the Authorities interest in deer and ecological matters, they seems to be finally awakening, at least they finance the publication of a complete newspaper Ecology oriented supplement each 15 days in an important local Diary, In this pages, I write one column, usually from deer management or animal conservation also each 15 days.

What I am not sure, is if my "really small" Sanctuary could fit in this category. I think that, if I promote and wake up the interest in the Authorities, to invest in a more ambitious and important project, that focus on whitetail deer preservation, study and welfare, maybe they may help me a bit, or at least let me offer tax free deduction invoices to people interested in helping a "whitetail deer rescue project".

I used to have an old web page, but never put it in the searching motors to publicize. But I shall be interested in have one if this awakes the interest in a more ambitious project to other people with more economical resources than I have. Sometimes I fell totally helpless and lonely, I work only by myself, I feed and take care of my deer as best as I can, without receiving a cent back, but I have their love, and that is what keeps me doing all my effort.

I love this animal, and I am willing to do whatever is necessary to help them and make their lives less miserable, if the possibility really exists, that someone else would be interested in whitetail deer, (not making a business with them), but to preserve and take care of deer and their habitat, I would welcome any help, and will share with them the incredible rewards that can be obtained just being close to them.

Sincerely yours,

Alejandro G. Cossio
Sierra Malichi: Living in Peace with Deer