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By Anne Muller - 21 Nov 2013

Hi David,

Frank Hoffman just sent your contact information.  Thank you for all you have done for the deer.

There is someone who is listed in York County as treating all species.  Heís in a wildlife rehabber listing.

His name is Michael Gross of the Grafton Animal Hospital .

Strangely, there is not number listed for him, but here is a link to the hospital:
449 Grafton Drive  Yorktown ,  VA 23692
Phone: 757-898-8433  Fax: 757-898-8433 

I suggest that you speak with Dr. Gross first to be sure that he will not just euthanize, and of course to see if he can go there.

Itís not easy to capture adult deer without causing them a great deal of stress.  Sometimes it is just a matter of giving the deer time to recover.  Providing food, bedding (hay), bucket of warm water, will allow her to not have to walk around too much.

You might want to get a photo of the condition of the knee and email to Dr. Gross.  I would not give your address out at this time unless you get a good feeling from Dr. Gross.

Please let us know how this works out. 



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