White-Tailed Deer

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White-Tailed Deer
Comments by Betsy - 2 Sep 2002


I loved your white tailed deer photos. Truly beautiful! I love watching deer. It gives my soul such peace.

I would like your opinion on something.....I am having a trying time with many Christians, mainly Catholics (which is what I am) and their lack of concern or respect for animals. This Catholic "friend" of mine even gave me this book of apologetics to borrow, which I read parts of it, and the phrases they use to describe animals, and I quote (from Catholic Apologetics by Fr. John Laux)....pages 7-8, "brutes lacking souls", "not even aware of pain, because they lack the intelligence", "no consciousness of their sufferings or feelings", "as far as we can see, there is nothing that points to the conclusion that brutes have any other destiny than to serve as food for other animals or for man."......I love this one, "their pain is faint and dull, in spite of their outward manifestations of it."......the list goes on and on of more ridiculous statements.

I was ill while reading this crap and what the Church and the Catechism says about animals, how we have every right to exploit, use, eat them, experiment on them for our benefit. After reading and hearing all this, I almost don't even want to go to Church again. What bothers me the most is that many religious people fall for this and truly believe it.

I know many veg-Christians must feel the same as I do. But, do you notice any sort of denomination (or Catholics) being the "worst" in their treatment of animals....or are all Christian churches pretty much the same in this aspect? I really wish there were a Veg-Christian denomination for all of us who care about all life, not just humans.