Did Abel or CainDid Abel or Cain Offer a Lamb in Sacrifice to God?
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By Sonia - 13 Jun 2010


I found it, it is in Ch. 2:4-7 of The Apostolic Fathers by Lightfoot, Harmer, & Holmes.

I was always troubled by the fact that our Creator wanted so many sacrifices & burnt offerings of innocence as shown in Numbers Ch. 28 & 29, and I was wondering why a Loving Creator who made us and animals, and all living things for His pleasure, made us just to watch us be killed for his satisification, but this made no sense to me. I was always trying to reconcile this, because it is written in the Law. I knew that there were some errors by the scribes, but I would not have imagined to this extent, where they would add chapters of Lies.

Then in the New Testament, where Jesus feeds the assembly fish (and fish are flesh too), is this the false pen of the scribes also? And did Jesus actually eat the Passover lamb that supposedly to represents himself? All this is confusing.

Then the words of Daniel were always on my mind, where he would not eat the Kings food of meat & wine, but requested only vegetables and water. I believe we should do the same.

After reading your article last night, I do not want to eat the chicken and fish I have in the freezer, and I have to learn more about this, as Satan has corrupted all the Truth, and I want to live a pure and clean and holy life before our creator.

Thank you for your article and if you can give me any more of your finding on this topic, I would appreciate it.

May our Creator YHWH bless you.


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