Did Abel or CainDid Abel or Cain Offer a Lamb in Sacrifice to God?
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By Frank and Mary Hoffman - 2 Oct 2013

Dear Andrew:

Thank you for writing.

We do our best to answer your questions.

Yes, several of the apostles were fisherman, but Jesus changed them into "fishers of men" and after His resurrection, none of them ever again returned to fishing,

Yes, Jesus did feed the multitude the multiplied fish and bread that the boy gave Him, but the fish were already dead, and no other ones died in the process.

Jesus never lifted the ban on eating unclean animals, in fact, He tried to change people back into eating a plant based diet according to God's creation and heavenly intent.

Human teeth are made for eating flesh; compare them to those of a lion or tiger. Our teach are made to eat fruit and not grass like a horse.

We hope this helps.

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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