Did Abel or CainDid Abel or Cain Offer a Lamb in Sacrifice to God?
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By Andrew - 3 Oct 2013

All right. I recall Jesus on more than one occasion instructing an Apostle where to cast their nets for a successful harvest. And if I'm not mistaken

I believe it occurred right after the resurrection. Jesus was on the banks when Peter first noticed Him.

What did God mean when He indicated that " He gave man dominion over the animals?"

Since some of the Apostles were "fishermen" Jesus gave them a parable that amounts to the " red sky at night sailors delight." Red sky in morning sailors take warning."

What other reason besides traveling, would people need to understand this except for commerce, in this case fishing.

Lions and tigers have very fierce teeth. In addition to eating meat, these teeth are necessary for killing prey and defense.

Same goes for primates. They are vegetarians yet their teeth are fierce as well. Hmmmm??? Ask the woman who was mauled by that crazy lady's chimp.

Think I heard that the chimp was even consuming her flesh during the attack. Something wrong here. Possible, "exception not the rule" thing.

By the way please, don't become annoyed at my questioning your information. I am supportive on the surface. I'm also a health and wellness expert.

I believe that a diet which is vegetable based is prudent also. And I am aware, that botanically speaking, there isn't any such thing as a vegetable. The chemistry of cooked meat is very questionable as well. Didn't God instruct the Israelites to put blood on the lentil above the door? Furthermore, couldn't YHWH in essence be the blood thirsty god Satan?

Anyway, I thank you for your quick response and I appreciate the sharing of information. I just want to preface that the understanding of Jesus' message is very critical especially during these times.

Looking forward to your response.

Best Wishes,


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